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Welcome The Time Is Now!

The Call From God

Many are called, but few are chosen. This is a call to join forces to expedite the rebuilding of the human experience. We all have the same mission. We just need a platform to share, build, and consolidate resources. Here is the current road map to help rebuild Baltimore. 


1. Support The Youth

Protect the children and reinforce their faith by listening to their needs! Children need creative and safe space to explore the world, the church should be that space.

4. Improve Health

A family that prays together stays together is a mantra that means many things. It's time to stop breaking bread, and start working out together. 

2. Feed The Impoverished

It's time to teach members how to speak life into themselves. Everyone knows their faults, what they do not know is how to stand back up after falling down. Teach your tribe how to write their own story.

5. Mental Health

Everyone needs a therapist, including the therapist. This is life and death. Poverty starts in the mind first. Erase the thought, restore the faith!

3. Create A Ecosystem

It's 2024. All members of the church shall be educated on Entrepreneurship becuase business controls the economy and the economy controls everything.

6. Outreach

Giving is how we reach out to say thank you for our blessings. Homelessness and Hunger stop now! Feeding people means empowering them to stand. Give something other than undigestable disease causing food. 

Get Access To The Ark

I've already done the work. The resources are in place. Click the chat button and tell us what benefits on the roadmap will help to solidify your members and bring more people home to the call of GOD. Your members are counting on your obedience and so "I Am". This is a private invitation. Do not share. Join us for Breakfast! Details to come!

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